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Cottages make fantastic contractors accommodation

At Yarm Cottages we offer fantastic alternative contractors accommodation in Yarm, Teesside. Rather than a hotel or B&B, we give people the chance to stay in a comfortable cottage. Each one has everything visitors need and plenty of space. As a result they feel like a real home away from home.

Why choose a cottage?

contractors accommodation in Yarm, TeessideThere are many reasons why a contractor may want to consider a cottage instead of one of the other options. Firstly they have more freedom to set their own schedule. If they need to rise early and get back later, there is no problem. Even our smallest cottages have some kitchen facilities so guests can make their own meals if they need to.

Some contractors travel carrying lots of tools and equipment. This could take up a huge amount of space and make a hotel room feel very crowded. In a cottage there is a lot more space for storing whatever you need to. The space is also better for relaxing, giving people more room to unwind after work.

In addition the quiet locations are more secure than car parks in town and city centres. This means it is easier to leave work vehicles unattended.

A final big advantage of staying in a cottage is they can be very cost effective. If you are staying for a long period for a contract you could potentially get a healthy discount. Cottages also have space for sleeping a minimum of two people. If there are several people sharing, the cost per person is much lower than a hotel.

Why choose Yarm Cottages?

If you are looking for contractors accommodation in Yarm, Teesside, we hope you will consider us. We have cottages ranging in size from sleeping two to sleeping twelve. It is even possible to hire more than one cottage if necessary.

Our cottages are comfortable and quirky. The location is also ideal, close to a lovely local pub but quiet so you can get the rest you need.

You can view all of our cottages on our website. If you want to learn more or have any special requests, please contact us.

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